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Live at McCabes! Tickets on sale now!

Photography by:  Jake Harsh


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Live at McCabes! Tickets on sale now!



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From the Greenwich Village folk scene of the ’60s to today’s most prestigious stages around the world, few have better explored the insistence of love, whether it be sensible or hopeless, beseeched or betrayed than New York songwriter poet Eric Andersen. He remains one of folk music’s most consistent and best loved voices, who has counted Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and even Wyclef Jean among his biggest admirers. The subject of the pending documentary Songpoet, the “Thirsty Boots” singer enjoys a career that has spanned 50 years, with over 25 albums of original songs, and twice as many tours around the world. He’s been covered by the likes of The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Judy Collins, and Fairport Convention, as well as Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, and Francoise Hardy.
Tonight he’ll be backed by guitar ace Steve Postell, Rolling Thunder Revue alum Scarlet Rivera on violin, and percussionist Cheryl Prashker. Eric has been called a founding father of the modern folk movement. Come see why.


BEAUSOLEIL avec Michael Doucet

SAT APR 22 / 8:00 PM / $28.50 Sold Out
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The most respected and well known band in Cajun music comes to McCabe’s when Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet squeeze onto our small stage this Saturday! Taking the rich Cajun traditions of Louisiana and artfully blending elements of zydeco, New Orleans jazz, Tex-Mex, country, blues and more into a satisfying musical recipe, Beausoleil are as much innovators as preservationists of this great American musical idiom, and have been since their debut in 1975. With multiple Grammy’s, a National Heritage Fellowship and a 10 Big Easy Awards, Beausoleil are easily the most celebrated as well. Their 8PM show has been sold out for some time now, but a few tickets remain for the 10PM performance.
To catch these guys in such an intimate space is a rare pleasure indeed. Don’t miss out!

5/29/13 9:57:45 AM --
Justin Roberts and his Not Ready for Naptime Band
. © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2013

Matinee Kids’ Show with JUSTIN ROBERTS

SUN APR 23 / 10:30 PM / $12 Call Us

Two-time GRAMMY Nominated Justin Roberts is truly one of the “all-stars” of the indie family music scene. For nearly 20 years, Roberts has been creating the soundtrack to families’ lives, helping kids navigate the joys and sorrows of growing up and parents remember their own childhoods. Along with his band, The Not Ready for Naptime Players, they have traveled the globe, from Hong Kong to New York, and Miami to Seattle.



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Sunday brings the return of Peter Himmelman. A truly multi-faceted musician, Himmelman is an Emmy-nominated TV composer, celebrated songwriter, accomplished artist, an acclaimed creator of children’s music and oh yes, a critically lauded rock troubadour with a 3 decade career and over 30 albums to his name. He’s also one of our all-time favorite performers, and his past shows here are legendary — evenings filled with spontaneity, hilarity, poignancy, and great music. Peter is pretty good, is what we’re saying. He’s a pretty busy guy these days, too, and he doesn’t do this as often as he used to (his last time here was 2014)… so don’t miss him.

evie sands + thee holy brothers


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A rediscovered musical treasure, Evie Sands has endured a lifetime of
musical misfortune, yet the blue eyed soul songstress, songwriter and
guitarist endures today thanks to a body of work that survives despite
decades of managerial mishaps and contractual snafus that denied her a
large audience, despite such an impressive career and discography.
A Brill Building alum and Northern Soul icon, Sands’ original versions
of hits Take Me, I Can’t Let Go, and Angel In The Morning, we’re for
one heartbreaking reason after another passed over before finding
success with later artists. It wasn’t until Any Way That You Want Me
did Sands find bona fide chart success. A legend with pop music
aficionados and record collectors, Sands was credited as Dusty
Springfield’s favorite singer and none other than Johnny Cash raved
“She’s got the stardust in her eyes, she’s got silver bells in her
voice and you’d think she’s got electricity in her fingers the way she
plays that guitar left-handed and upside down.” Reemerging with a
brand new EP Shine For Me, and a special Record Store Day vinyl
release, Evie comes to McCabe’s for a night made more magical with the
addition of Thee Holy Brothers – featuring the LA music scene veterans
(and founding members of The Balancing Act and Lone Justice) Willie
Aron and Marvin Etzioni, who make their semi secular, harmony-driven
rock n roll gospel debut on our small stage. This is going to be a
very special night for sure. See you here!



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Mississippi’s own favorite gunslinger, makes his first appearance at McCabe’s after setting Nashville on its ear with his wicked blend of British rock, surf guitar, honky tonk, blues and rockabilly that’s been described as “Hillbilly soul”, and “country on peyote”. He’s a monster on guitar, sings like it’s his last day on earth, has a rapier wit, and delivers the whole enchilada with a sublime southern drawl.
Nashville Scene says “Webb Wilder, Nashville’s wildest, weirdest export, is actually kind of normal. Kind of. He has a deep Mississippi accent that cuts through psychedelic power chords, singing with the kind of charisma that makes listeners want to buy whatever he’s selling. One of a kind? Hell, this guy is a rock music Sasquatch. Only he’s real.” Come down to the altar tonight. Webb’ll make a believer out of you, we promise!