We have rentals for the cautious, lessons for the eager, truth-telling for the fearful, repairs for the clumsy, concerts for the devoted, and free coffee for all.*

*Rentals, and coffee are currently unavailable.
McCabe's has always been a place for droppers-by and itinerant musicians to just hang out and poke around. Or, if you just feel like chatting, you can always give us a call.
Instrument Sales

We are proud to have a fantastic selection of instruments.  Ask about our in-house, 3-year warranty on almost every instrument we sell. That includes set-ups, adjustments, and anything else your instrument might do to itself (i.e. not broken strings). You’ll also get our 3-year 70% trade-up option.

Repairs & Maintenance

“No job too weird or too small,” is what our repair shop motto would be if we had a repair shop motto. Has your guitar (uke, dulcimer, etc.) suffered injury or neglect? Buzzing? McCabe’s has the best luthiers west of the Mississippi (probably east too).


Here at McCabe’s, we’ve taught tens of thousands of aspiring (and inspiring) musicians how to play, and we can teach you, too!  We are currently offering both remote and in-person private lessons and the occasional remote group lessons.  Check out our Lessons tab for details!

Live Music

Since our first impromptu show back in 1968, McCabe's has been hosting the finest in folk, bluegrass, Americana, world music, and more.  Our intimate, 150-seat venue is one of the best listening rooms in the world.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back to the back room.

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