Current Group Lessons

It's easier to learn new songs, pop, rock, jazz or whatever, if you understand progressions. Yes, there is sense to it all and Fred will explain chord movement and song structure, the circle of 5ths, progressions, scale-wise patterns and more! Bring your favorite tunes to analyze, and learn to play 'em in any key. An excellent workshop.

Fred Sokolow 1:00-2:30 PM Sundays, Mar 26 - Apr 9 (3 sessions) $90 Sign Up
GUITAR 1.1 Just Added
Learn from ACE PICKER Pete Steinberg, winner of the Southwestern Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. Sign up now & learn great songs with easy chords! Be the life of the party & the envy of your friends! Earn big pay & win the love of that special someone! DON'T DELAY. ACT NOW! YESTERDAY IS GONE & TOMORROW NEVER COMES.

Pete Steinberg 12:00-1:30 PM Saturdays, Apr 1 - Apr 22 (4 sessions) $110 Sign Up
Learn the entire score of O Brother Where Art Thou, if you want to. In this 5-string class, you, the student, get to pick and choose the tunes as Fred introduces you to all kinds of banjo music: bluegrass, old-time, blues, Beatles, whatever! All the chords, strums and picking patterns you need. You'll be playing tunes at the first class.

Fred Sokolow 6:30-8:00 PM Wednesdays, Apr 5 - May 10 (6 sessions) $150 Sign Up
Finally, learn the "secrets of the pros" that help you play lead and rhythm in all keys, all over the fretboard! You'll understand chord progressions and expand your chord vocabulary. Guitar music theory will make sense out of all those strings and frets and chords and scales.

Fred Sokolow 3:00-4:30 PM Sundays, Apr 2 - Apr 30 (4 sessions) $110 Sign Up
All acoustic instruments welcome! Learn the classic rock tunes of the world's greatest rock bands. Fred will lay out the chord progressions and everybody will play the songs (all together now) and take turns soloing... if you want to solo! If you need some help with chord shapes or soloing ideas and techniques, the maestro is there to help. The class can help choose the song list. This'll be too much fun for a Sunday afternoon!

Fred Sokolow 8:00-9:30 PM Tuesdays, Apr 4 - May 9 (6 sessions) $150 Sign Up
Improvise in the styles of B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Eric Clapton and other greats. Learn rhythm and lead with an emphasis on improvisational playing.

Fred Sokolow 6:30-8:00 PM Tuesdays, Apr 4 - May 9 (6 sessions) $150 Sign Up
DYLAN JAM Just Added
To celebrate Dylan's Nobel Prize (he's not celebrating, so somebody has to) let's jam! All instruments welcome. He's written hundreds of songs and we'll pick the best ones (my favorites and yours). I'll tell you the chord changes, write them on the board, and we'll sing and play them together (soloing optional - no pressure). Be there or be square!

Fred Sokolow 8:00-9:30 PM Wednesdays, Apr 5 - May 10 (6 sessions) $150 Sign Up
Learn to play some of your favorites from 1960s Brazil. Along the way, you'll develop a better understanding of chord forms, improve your rhythmic sensibilities, and gain new possibilities for your arranging and composing. If you've taken this course before, you'll be happy to add some new songs to your collection.

Cheryl Saunders 3:00-4:30 PM Saturdays, Apr 8-May 27 (8 sessions) $180 Sign Up
Here's your chance to better your harmonica skills AND have fun. Lots of jamming, new techniques, theory and more. Come in and watch any time without charge. Please call Dave at (818) 710-7979 BEFORE signing up.

Dave Gage 6:30-8:00 PM Every Tuesday $110 (for each month) Sign Up
Get started on the right foot with David Ellis, an accomplished classical guitarist who is also fluent in folk, blues, flamenco, and rock. He's taught hundreds of students over the last two decades, and he can teach you, too!

David Ellis 8:00-9:30 PM Mondays, Mar 20-Apr 24 (6 sessions) Call Us
Superstardom here you come! Have fun learning current tunes in this 6-week beginning class and get an exciting introduction to music. Good student guitars available for rent (electrics, too).

David Ellis 4:00-5:00 PM Tuesdays, Mar 21-Apr 25 (6 sessions) Call Us
Add style and technique to your playing. You'll improve on all you know while learning new guitar skills and new songs. Lots of fun and highly recommended

Cheryl Saunders 8:00-9:30 PM Tuesdays, Mar 21-Apr 25 (6 sessions) Call Us
Learn new techniques, patterns, and chords, along with lots of new (and old) songs in this new class open to anyone who has taken a beginning-level class, or has played for six months or more. Bring in your requests! Let's have some fun!

Kit Alderson 8:00-9:00 PM Thursdays, Mar 23-Apr 27 (6 sessions) $110 Call Us
Group Lesson Policy

Come to any full-length class (8 weeks) and don't pay until the 2nd week. Please pay up front for shorter classes and workshops. Save your place by enrolling early. Drop by the shop, or call us at (310) 828-4497. Be aware that classes with very low turnouts may be canceled (but it doesn't happen too often). And don't forget to practice!

Rental Policy

1. We rent for a minimum of three months.
2. We rent anything that retails for $500.00 or less (with some occasional exceptions).
3. The rate is 30% of the cost of instrument and case. (We will not rent without a case unless the customer already has a suitable case.)
4. The first three months' payment can apply toward purchase on that instrument or one of higher value.
5. One may continue renting at the rate of 10% per month after the initial three-month period. However, these payments do not apply toward purchase.
6. One must have a Credit card valid for at least 12 months.

Private Lessons

McCabe's® private lessons are sold in 1/2-hour increments. The cost is $35* for each 1/2-hour ticket or $120 for four 1/2-hour tickets. Tickets should be purchased ahead of time, and then handed to your teacher at the beginning of each lesson. McCabe's lesson tickets are valid for six months.

All scheduling is done directly with each teacher. Contact info can be found on this page, or by calling the shop. There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a lesson less than 24 hours in advance (or don't show up at all), your teacher is entitled to the ticket(s) required to cover the lesson time.

* Please note that this rate does not apply to all instructors. Double check individual instructor rates below.

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Our list of incomparable instructors


Jimi Cabeza De Vaca
(310) 972-9469


Kit Alderson
(310) 838-5636

Also known as "King Autoharp" has been playing the Autoharp for over 40 years. Kit played in the Stone Poneys which was Linda Ronstadt's original back up band. He also taught Reese Witherspoon how to play for her role in 'Walk the Line.'


John Rosen
(818) 590-5691

Specializing in bluegrass banjo, all levels and ages, beginner through advanced

38 years professional experience as a banjo teacher and performer

Teaches Scruggs style, melodic 3-finger style, clawhammer

Has played with the Dropkick Murphys, Ashley Campbell, Scarlet Rivera, Dan Bern, Old Man Markley, Ed Helms, the Get Down Boys, the Dust Bowl Cavaliers, and Burning Heart Bluegrass, among others.

Patient, dedicated, and FUN teacher

Available Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Zac Sokolow
(310) 678-6434

Beginners and intermediate players in all styles


Denny Croy
(310) 720-5326

Electric or upright, all styles

Teaching since the early '80s

Has played with so many bands you've heard of, it would be tedious to list them all

Specializing in theory, technique, reading, or just plain fun

Available every day but Thursdays and Saturdays


Tania Magidin
(818) 634-2232

Has been teaching for more than 40 years

Earned a Master Degree in Russia studying under Gregory Pekker (who studied under Julius Klengel)

Teaches all ages, from 4 to 104


Monique Mizrahi
(424) 210-1552

Monique encountered the charango in a life-changing experience in Bolivia in 2003 and has been playing the charango ever since. This 10-string Andean lute creates a sonic landscape unlike any other string instrument.

Styles ranging from traditional Andean rhythms to rock, folk and soul.

Explore this instrument still quite uncharted in North America.

Monique has toured throughout Europe over the past 10 years as Honeybird, including performances on national Italian TV, national public radio in Germany and Spain, and a festival tour on electric charango with popular Italian rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti.

Availability is varied and flexible


Troy Zeigler
(310) 913-5526

Any and all types, including trap set, hand drums, xylophone — everything

Graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston

Teaches at outside studio due to McCabe's space limitations

Availability is varied and flexible


JoEllen Lapidus
(310) 474-1123
Traditional and contemporary styles of dulcimer

Absolute beginners to advanced players

Strumming styles and finger picking styles

We have a dulcimer club: we play all kinds of music, duets, quartets, etc.

Private lessons at my office in Westwood


Kit Alderson
(310) 838-5636

Folk, pop, rock, some classical and also jazz (mostly fingerstyle)

Can also transcribe many songs from fingerstyle

Does not teach electric guitar, and does not take students under 16

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, plus Wednesday mornings

Jimi Cabeza De Vaca
(310) 972-9469

Ricardo Davila
(323) 299-7109

Flamenco, beginning to advanced, focusing on technique and compas (rhythm)

Teaches both traditional and modern styles, but specializes in Jerez

Studied in Spain, and has been playing for 20+ years

Excellent knowledge of accompaniment for baile (dance) and cante (song)

Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Please bring small cassette or mini-recorder

David Ellis
(424) 603-4042

Beginning (all ages — absolute beginners should have a nylon-string guitar)
Folk, blues, flamenco and rock (beginning to intermediate)
Classical (all levels)

David has been a guitar instructor at McCabe's Guitar Shop® in Santa Monica for the past twenty-six years. His students have been accepted into music programs at USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, Cal State Long Beach and the Berkelee School of Music.

Performance highlights include playing several concerts with the Broadway singer Kristin Chenoweth, playing on the red carpet for the 71st- 74th Academy Awards, performing with the Los Robles Master Chorale, and performing in the garden of the newly opened Disney Hall.

He also has a band called the Attractive Nuisance. Check the calendar for local show dates!

Wednesdays and Thursdays 3-10pm
Fridays 3-6pm
Saturdays 10am-6pm
Sundays 10am-6pm

Vicki Hill
(323) 286-8163

Beginning guitar for kids and adults, with some theory and singing

Available afternoons and evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Paula McMath
(310) 394-4640

Specializes in teaching guitar to children

Extensive training and experience in ORFF Schulwerk — a system of teaching music which utilizes speech, movement, singing, body percussion, and small pitched and unpitched percussion instruments

Believes in allowing interest to drive material selection, and strives to have kids "feel" music as well as hear and see it

Works professionally as a singer/guitarist in the Los Angeles area, and is currently completing her second CD

Available Monday evenings

Joel Morrison
(310) 483-3235

All levels, especially beginners
Rock, Blues, Folk, including Finger Picking and Slide
Specializing in Electric, Acoustic, and Resonator guitar, Theory, and Advanced Technique
BFA in performance from CalArts
Theory for the Working or aspiring Working musician: Everything you need to know presented in a simple straightforward manner with an emphasis on the most important and usable things first.
All classes would include a section on guitar gear and set-up.

Harry Orlove
(661) 312-5803

Specializes in:
Bluegrass, Electric Blues, Jazz, Western Swing, Country, Roots Rock

Proud to have had artist endorsements from The Martin Guitar Company, Eastman Guitars, Danelectro, Fishman Transducers, Elixir Strings and Fender Musical Instruments

Highly experienced in commercial studio work for TV and film

Was touring with Tom Rapp, in the band Pearls Before Swine by the age of 17

Moved to LA in 1979 and landed a job in the house band of the World Famous Palomino Club where he got to work with music legends like James Burton, Jimmy Bryant, Thumbs Carlisle, "Sneaky Pete" Kleinow and Jay Dee Maness

Available Thursday evenings only

Steve Rose
(310) 890-4017

Pop, jazz, rock, folk

Guitar arranging for singers and songwriters

Theory and improvisation

Cheryl Saunders
(310) 721-2357

Jazz, blues and bossa nova

Chord melody arranging

Theory and improvisation

Many years of teaching and professional performing experience

Group classes and private lessons available

Pete Snell
(310) 392-7901

Specializing in theory and improvisation for blues, jazz, pop and rock

Played jazz guitar in New York in early '80s while studying composition at Manhattan School of Music

Landed recording deal with Capitol Records in L.A., writing and producing two albums for the band In Vitro

Joined Lyle Lovett in 1990, and toured with Bonnie Raitt, Sam Phillips, Rickie Lee Jones, Lou Reed, John Denver and many others while playing sessions for TV and films

Fred Sokolow
(310) 838-4215

Private lessons in
Blues (electric and acoustic), Jazz, Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Bottleneck, Fingerpicking, Flatpicking

Lots of theory and improv skills taught, as well as songs

Pete Steinberg
(310) 367-2220

Private lessons in fingerstyle guitar.

No pop or rock styles, such as Jackson Browne or Aerosmith and no "Tequila Sunrise."

Availability varies, but evenings are preferred.


Dave Gage

All levels and styles, including standard 10-hole diatonic and chromatic

Available Tuesdays 4-10pm

Contact Dave for current rates

Lap Steel Guitar

Fred Sokolow
(310) 838-4215

Private lessons in
Blues (electric and acoustic), Jazz, Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Bottleneck, Fingerpicking, Flatpicking

Lots of theory and improv skills taught, as well as songs


Zac Sokolow
(310) 678-6434

Zac teachers here when he is not on tour with his band The Americans.


Rose Brant
(310) 922-8572

All ages, styles and levels - - beginners welcome.

Many years experience teaching successful practice and performance techniques.

Flexible availability.

Please inquire about rates as they differ from those of other teachers

Julie Ingram
(512) 567-4870

Adult Beginners, all styles

Available at McCabe's on Wednesdays, 10am-3pm

BA from UC Berkeley and Masters in Music from UT Austin

Composer, Certified Orff Instructor and trained Remo Drums HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator

Also teaches Xylophone, Marimba & Vibraphone


Steve Rose
(310) 890-4017

All levels
Vintage jazz and Hawaiian
Chord and solo playing

Major fun!


Tom McEvilley
(310) 968-5647

Born in Cincinnati and raised in Houston, Mexico, Los Angeles and New York City.
Attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, where he was the first student accepted for both guitar and violin.
Earned a BM in Violin and Viola Performance from the University of Houston School of Music on a full scholarship, and also studied at Rice University.
Guitar and composition studies with Ralph Towner at Naropa Institute led to playing at master classes for Joe Pass.
Credits include Houston Symphony, New Orleans Symphony, Hollywood Film Orchestra, Los Angeles Baroque, Warner Bros. Orchestra, Disney,
ABC, NBC, NHK, CCTV, Good Morning America, and many others.
Twenty- one years of international touring with Mantovani including extensive tours throughout Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and the US.
Has also toured to Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi with the Mesto Orchestra of Los Angeles.
Has taught throughout his performing career, and believes in the positive reinforcement method.
A step-by-step technique builds a solid foundation; keeping learning fun is also important.
Students are encouraged to look behind the notes on the page, to find deeper more personal meanings in musical expression.
Also teaches viola.


Lawrence Lebo
(818) 606-5326

Professional musican/performer and private vocal coach for over 25 years, with a BA from UCLA

Critically acclaimed indie recording artist whose CDs have appeared on the Blues, Folk and Jazz charts

Currently listed as a Blues educator with The Blues Foundation

Specializes in:
Pop, Rock, Roots, Blues, Folk, and Jazz

Developing a strong support foundation

Building performance skills

All ages, all levels

1 hour minimum at $65.00 per hour

Sue Fink
(310) 397-3193

Vocal coach for over 25 years, with California teaching credential

Award-winning songwriter and composer with 3 cd releases

Artistic Director/Conductor for Angel City Chorale

Has worked either as a vocal coach or conductor with:
-Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters)
-Mary Chapin Carpenter, Natasha Bedingfield, Stevie Wonder
-Luther Vandross, Diane Reeves, Judith Light, etc.

All levels beginning to professional
Adults and kids 10 and up
Live Piano accompaniment provided, and a CD recording of your session

Specializing in:
-all aspects of vocal technique
-performance and style enhancement in all styles from pop, -rock, folk, country, blues, classical, jazz to musical -- theatre
-audition prep and college audition prep
-vocal and song development for songwriters

Group lessons in technique and stage performance taught at McCabe's.

Private lessons taught in nearby studio with necessary microphones and recording equipment

Call for Rates