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Kids Summer Songwriting Class

Paula McMath will conduct a class on songwriting for kids. As an experienced
songwriter, Paula has fostered creativity in her teaching practice for the past two
decades. In this class, students will be encouraged to take influence from songs
they love and to find their way to “Three (or Four☺) Chords and the Truth”.
Students will need a knowledge of at least some basic, open position chords; G, A,
Ami, C, D, Dmi, E, Emi, FMA7, Bmi/D, etc. Previous experience and comfort will
help to dictate the simplicity/complexity of each student’s song. At the last class, we
will hear each other’s songs — even if they are not in their final, completed form.
An atmosphere of encouragement and support will be fostered.
Class starts on Tuesday, June 20th Teacher: Paula McMath
Dates: Jun. 20th – *Jul. 25th (Tuesdays, 7/4 off) *Culminating in a song
performance or “work in progress” presentation at the last class.
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm Cost: $200

Teacher: Paula McMath

Date: June 20-25th

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Cost: $200


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Kids Summer Beginning Guitar Class

Paula McMath teaches guitar, voice, and songwriting and specializes in
working with kids. She focuses on kids’ natural musical interests and
aims to work on songs, with them, that they know. Over years of
working with young students, Paula has developed various teaching
methods which involve; singing, movement, rhythmic speech, and color.
Her class brings all of these elements together and allows for a
memorable group, music-making experience. Daily practice is
encouraged and fostered. Above all, Paula strives to be the music
teacher she wishes she’d had as a kid.
Class starts on Tuesday, June 20th Teacher: Paula McMath

Dates: Jun. 20th – *Jul. 25th (Tuesdays, 7/4 off) *Culminating
performance of accomplishments at last class.

Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Teacher: Paula McMath 

Cost: $200

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