Bunnynose “Willard IX”


Handmade Locally and Exclusively for McCabe’s Guitar Shop!!

“Willard IX”

Each guitar is a unique instrument, there isn’t another one like it anywhere

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From Bunnynose:

We proudly use Wildwood bodies, as well as several other small builder bodies made from pine and alder in addition to other lightweight woods such as paulownia and poplar.

We use Klein, Don Mare, Lindy Fralin, Seymour Duncan and Throbak Pickups; Glendale Parts, Musikraft necks and/or genuine OEM or licensed Fender products for our guitar builds.

Custom paintjobs on some models are made possible by the amazing psychedelic craft of Willard Snow. Join the select group of original owners of the Bunnynose Guitars Willardcasters!!

Each guitar is a unique instrument, there isn’t another one like it anywhere. It was built, perhaps for me – built to be loved, by anyone not looking for an anonymous, factory-perfect production-line product. Inherent in the process may be some cosmetic imperfections, although structurally, each guitar is a solid player for a working musician. Each guitar has been played for a minimum of several hours over several days before it is offered for sale and upon sale will be rechecked for correctness and played again for at least an hour. They are not ‘new’ – they are on their way to being broken-in players.

The price of the guitar may reflect possible superficial flaws, although those are rare. My design concept is to create guitars that look like they are old, have been your favorite and have acquired a well-worn visual appearance without phony relicing. Not to put too fine a point on it but I like them to look sort of dingy and malnourished but play like ambrosia. It has been built to amaze and set up by an artist to intonate correctly and play with comfortable action. That said, most people have their own idea of what an optimal setup is and we encourage you to have your own guy set it up after you receive it if you desire.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 21 × 10 in




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McCabe’s Famous 3-year Warranty and Trade-In Policy applies to new and used instruments that cost $100 or more.

The FREE McCabe’s Warranty covers set-ups (an $85 value!) but does not include restrings, dropping, kicking, or any spontaneous rock star stage moves that may result in damage to your instrument.

Your instrument is also eligible for an upgrade of up to 70% of its value for the next 3 years.  The instrument must be in good condition and the credit must be applied to an instrument of equal or greater value.

Our Warranty DOES NOT apply to AS-IS or FINAL SALE items.


We ship all small items USPS Priority Mail.  Instruments are shipped via UPS.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT able to ship As-Is, Final Sale, and Consignment Instruments for free.  Due to the fragile nature of our vintage amps, used amps are pick-up only.

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