Airline Jupiter


Airline Jupiter

Maple top, back and sides

Red Burst Finish

Bolt-on, bound one-piece maple, Modern C Shape Neck

Two Airline Vintage Argyle Diamond Pickups

Switching: 3-Way, Vintage Flipper

Controls: 2 Volume, 2 Tone

Comes with Bag

As-Is, Final Sale

In stock


From Eastwood:

Vintage guitar collectors will surely be familiar with Harmony’s line of planetary-themed Stratotone models in the early 1960s. Among the most sought after is the H49 Jupiter. Its hollow body and rip-roaring gold foil pickups are now an object of obsession among guitar-tone connoisseurs, including Bahamas’ Afie Jurvanen, and City and Color’s Dallas Green.

Our Airline Jupiter is sure to leave the most vintage-experienced tone warrior satisfied and coming back for more. Our Valco Argyle single coils were based on the original DeArmond gold foils found on the vintage H49, and they provide the attack, grit, and body that a hollow-body deserves. With maple top, back and sides and no f-holes, the Jupiter was designed to deliver resonance clean tones and still thrive in high-gain settings without fear of feedback. Why only do one thing well?

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